Bosch furnace error list

Bosch is a multinational company that manufactures engineering and electronics. This company is known for their large variety of high-quality home appliances. Bosch has been manufacturing and distributing quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for many years. One of their popular products is furnace systems.

The error codes on these Bosch furnaces are important to remember as they can show a problem with the system before it escalates into something much bigger. Even though these codes might seem hard to decipher by oneself, they are still relatively easy to diagnose if one knows the general idea behind what they mean.

If an error code appears on your display panel, you should try to find the corresponding list of codes or consult a technician specializing in Bosch appliances.

Have you been experiencing some heating troubles lately? You might be one of the many people whose furnace has been malfunctioning and needs servicing.

One great way to help you determine the problem with your furnace is to look up a list of common errors for Bosch furnaces. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of these errors so that you can easily find out what’s wrong. This way, you’ll be able to fix your heating problems quickly.

The furnace has a list of common errors with corresponding solutions. If you have a problem with your Bosch furnace, check these errors before contacting a technician.

1. The fan blows continuously even when the unit is not on:

a) Make sure that the main circuit breaker switch is off (the breaker should be open). Or, if installed, turn off the built-in disconnect switch.

b) Check for power at fan terminals and at hi-limit contactor terminals (connectors J4 and K4).

c) Make sure that all wiring connections are properly plugged in.

d) Inspect wiring connectors to ensure they are securely plugged into their respective receptacles.

e) Check for blown circuit fuse or tripped circuit