Bosch furnace error o2

The O2 sensor error code is a Bosch furnace error code for an issue with the oxygen sensor.

The cause of this error code is usually an electrical short disrupting the sensor’s signal. The failure will be noted by a low voltage signal on the terminal of the oxygen sensor.

Technical Service Bulletin: When there is a low voltage signal at terminal two with all other terminals reading a high voltage, replace Oxygen Sensor, and all related wiring harnesses.

The error code o2 indicates a CO (carbon monoxide) leak in the system. If this code appears, turn off the heating immediately, switch off all power and get professional help to investigate and repair the error as soon as possible.

One particular error is O2 (Oxygen Sensor) which displays an Oxygen Sensor (O2) error on the Status tab.

If the furnace starts turning off and on, O2 Error may be the cause.

The error code o2 is a message that appears on the Bosch furnace if there is an error with the oxygen sensor.

Some common causes of this error are:

-incompatible fuel

-dirty sensor

-low power