Bosch furnace error p0

A customer contacted Bosch customer service after the furnace error p0 code popped up on their device.

Bosch customer service had an answer for the customer in less than 24 hours. They advised the customer to check the air filter and to clean it if necessary.

Bosch also gave a link on resetting the error code by switching off power for about 10 minutes and then switching back on.

Bosch furnaces come with an error code that can be found when pressing the service button. With the p0 error, there is a problem with the condenser.

Possible solutions:

A: If a fan is running and everything else on the furnace seems to be working normally, you can temporarily bypass p0 by resetting it, unplugging it and plugging it back in.

B: Clear debris from inside the condenser if the fan doesn’t turn on or keeps running continuously.

C: If the condenser still doesn’t work properly, replace it.

Bosch’s furnaces are known for providing quality heating solutions. But, it seems that there is a glitch in their system. The error code p0 means an issue with the fan and motor that circulates the air in the furnace.

The error code P0 is caused by a problem with the fan and motor that circulates air throughout the furnace. Bosch recommends going through all airflow vents and ensuring they are not clogged with debris.