Bosch furnace error p02

Bosch has a comprehensive range of heating and cooling products, including furnaces. If you have installed a Bosch furnace, you will likely have to encounter this error. This article will explain what the error p02 is and how you can fix it.

The bosch furnace error p02 is a case where your furnace’s thermostat has been set to ‘’OFF,’’ but the pilot light remains lit. To deal with this problem, simply turn off the pilot light by turning the switch on at the power supply outside your house.

The p02 code is a system error that comes when the filter has clogged up, or the blower has failed.

When people look at this error, they see that it is an easy fix as long as they have the right tools readily available.

Bosch furnaces can be an important investment, as they can make your home more comfortable, reduce energy bills and extend the life of your HVAC system. But if there is an error code with a P02, it could indicate a problem with either the flame sensor or the catalytic converter sensor.

The first step to troubleshooting this issue is to check what the individual sensors are doing when tested. If one of them has an issue while the other is normal, you should replace that particular sensor.

To help the customers with furnace problems, in this article, you’ll find some troubleshooting steps and solutions for Bosch furnace error P02.

We’ll start with the most common problem people experience when they think their heater is not working.

We’ll do a few examples submitted to Bosch to show how it works.

To determine whether your heating system is working properly or not, you need to turn the thermostat off for a couple of minutes; if your house is still warm after this, then your heater is working properly, you should call a professional.