Bosch furnace error p2

The error code P2 seems to be a problem when the control circuit detects problems with the blower. The control circuit then shuts off the burner and blower.

The error P2 is caused by an issue in the control circuit, which interprets that there are problems with the blower, so it shuts off the burner and blower.

The furnace error code p2 indicates a problem with the combustion air.

Three different issues can cause this error code:

– Airflow problems at the burners

– Incomplete combustion

– Insufficient combustion air to complete combustion and maintain temperature

The first step in resolving this issue is to look at these three possibilities, one at a time. If the furnace cannot be fixed, it may be necessary to replace it. However, you should always call a professional before attempting any of these repairs yourself, as they may pose risks if not done properly.

Error P2 is a warning that appears on the furnace’s control panel.