Bosch furnace error tap symbol

There are two things to troubleshoot: the heating level and the room thermometer.

To increase or decrease the heating level, you must press and hold the “tap symbol” on one of the buttons.

The room thermometer is located on a post in front of your furnace. If this gauge is red, it is time to service your furnace.

Bosch furnaces are some of the best on the market. They produce steady heat, and they’re energy-efficient. But if your furnace is giving you an error code on the display panel and a tap symbol, you may need to troubleshoot to get it back up and running.

What should I do when my furnace doesn’t ignite?

One common cause for this sort of problem is a power outage. Check your circuit breaker and power supply before trying anything else!

If there’s no power outage, there may be issues with the ignition switch or pilot assembly in your furnace.

This might be an easy fix – checking whether these components are dirty or defective will let you know!

Since 1867, Bosch has been producing high-quality products. The company began as a small engineering workshop focused on electromechanical devices in Stuttgart. Bosch is now the number one supplier of equipment and systems for heat and air conditioning, power generation and distribution, fuel cells, cogeneration and industrial process technology worldwide.

This safety measure ensures that the user does not shut off the power when it’s still running and potentially causes a fire hazard.

The error tap symbol has two colours, which are green and red. This means that when the furnace is in an error state, the red light flashes to indicate an emergency state, and when the furnace is working normally, the green light will be on.

When a furnace starts, the tap symbol will flash on the bottom left side of the control panel.

This means there is a problem with your power supply, and you should turn off your furnace and contact an electrician as soon as possible.