Bosch furnace error water

A Bosch furnace, also known as a hydronic heating boiler, is a type of furnace that uses water as the heat source. This type of furnace is generally more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than other forms of furnaces. The Bosch water heating system can be used for radiant heat or for hot water.

The Bosch appliance has a “water flow error” that could prevent the unit from working properly. If your boiler does not respond to the main thermostat, it is likely due to this error in the water flow between the boiler and the expansion tank.

If a water level switch is installed in the furnace, and it is set too low, it could cause the water to enter the firebox and then overflow from the side of your furnace.

If there’s no water level switch in your furnace, then a faulty thermostat or faulty wiring could cause this issue.

The first step in troubleshooting your problem is to check the manual and find out if you have a water level switch installed.