Bosch furnace error xdk

A pressure control damper contains a mechanism that automatically controls the rate at which the furnace draws air from outside. The control mechanism is responsive to temperature and pressure changes in the furnace. A pressure ratio sensor determines whether the burner should be shut off or fired and then opens or closes the damper to maintain desired furnace operating parameters (ODP, OTP, FDP).

Today, Bosch furnaces are equipped with an Intelligent Diagnosis System that collects information

from sensors located in various parts of your system.

Bosch is one of the few household brands with a long industry history. They have been product innovation and quality leaders for more than six decades. Bosch provides customers worldwide with an extensive range of high-quality furnaces and control systems.

However, Bosch does provide not only high-quality products but also offers reliable service to its customers and optimal aftersales service for their furnace equipment.

This error appears when the filter’s airflow is restricted.