Carrier furnace error codes 42

Carrier furnace error code 42 is a code that is primarily generated when the unit does not have enough power.

Carrier furnace error code 42 is a common error that can happen when you set the thermostat too high. If you see it, follow the suggested tips below to fix it properly with relative ease.

This article will provide tips on how to fix carrier furnace error code 42 and make sure that your burning process lasts longer than expected.

Carrier furnace error code 42 is not caused by a physical issue with the furnace. Instead, they are set off by the furnace trying to clear it of a problem. The code is related to an issue with the blower motor or burner ignitor.

Carrier furnaces typically have four digits that encode information about problems that can arise when running the system. These digits correspond to one of two categories: motor and ignitor. Carrier furnaces use blower motors for moving air around, and burners for heating a home’s space.

The carrier furnace error code 42 stands for ‘no power supply.’ It is often set off when there is nothing wrong with the unit at all – just that there was a brief power outage

Carrier furnace error code 42 is a generic code that means the heater has lost an ignition signal. This can happen due to a faulty relay or thermocouple.

In most cases, the problem will show up after a few hours of operation. There are some other causes like gas leaks, overheating and misfiring. The most common fix for this issue is changing out the thermocouple which can be done in most cases if your furnace is still under warranty