carrier performance series furnace error codes

Carrier Performance Series Furnace codes are used to show that the Carrier furnace has an error. Carrier is the brand of furnaces.

The first code is a generic code and is not specific to any model or type of furnace. The detailed models are listed below:

1XX – System Check Error

2XX – Poor Control Circuit Error

3XX – Control Circuit Open/Shorted

4XX – Power Supply Fault

Carrier Performance Series furnace error codes are the four codes that Carrier furnaces make when something goes wrong. The codes help get the furnace repaired and avoid further damage.

Carrier Performance Series code M400 is the code for a failed fan motor. If this code appears, then it is important to unplug the furnace and call a heating service company right away.

Carrier Performance Series code S100 – Oil pan leak

Carrier Performance Series code S200 – Burner seal leak

Carrier Performance Series code S300 – Oil pump failure

Carrier Performance Series code M450 – Cylinder pressure low

Carrier Performance Series Furnace Error Codes are a series of four-digit numbers that identify the error in a Carrier Furnace. The code is usually followed by the letter E which indicates that it is an error that can be corrected.

Carrier Performance Series Furnace Error Codes are widely used in the United States to identify problems with furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. They were designed to be simple and easy to understand.

Many people also use them as a reference when they call Carrier Tech Support to help troubleshoot their heating problems.