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ROMA Heating and Air Conditioning has been proudly providing heating service in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland since 1999.

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Expert furnace repairs and installation services in Vancouver. We fix all types of residential and commercial furnaces!

Certified Carrier HVAC Repair Service

You definitely want to know what kind of repair services you can get from ROMA HVAC if you require Carrier furnace repair. Depending on your demands and the scenario, we can perform little or major repairs if you ask for our assistance. Everything from faulty fans to igniters and thermostats can be repaired by us. We will work hard to give you a first-rate Carrier furnace repair service as part of our aim to help you and deliver the outcomes you believe in.

Any furnace model can be fixed by our team. We can immediately dispatch the closest heating team to your door thanks to our ability to send multiple groups and locations via GPS. ROMA HVAC has multiple business licences and can service and fix any brand and model of cooling and heating system.

Most frequent issues with Carrier furnaces

Whether you have an electric or gas furnace, it’s critical to comprehend how they operate and the most frequent furnace issues.

The Carrier furnace won’t light

Your furnace’s pilot light, also known as an ignition sensor, is typically to blame if it won’t ignite. How can this problem be found? You have a pilot light problem if you can hear the furnace’s click sound but it still won’t light. You might try cleaning the sensor or get assistance from an expert.

Furnace from Carrier spewing chilly air

You have a problem if your Carrier furnace is not operating properly or is blowing out cold air rather than warm air. This can be the result of the fan limit switch malfunctioning. In such instance, look for an LED light on the furnace control board on your thermostat.

Carrier furnace leaks.

If your Carrier furnace is dripping water, you might have a condensation problem. It’s not always the case though. The secondary heat exchanger in a carrier furnace might occasionally be the source of a leak. Call ROMA HVAC right away for assistance if you’re not sure why your furnace is dripping water.

The Carrier furnace won’t heat up.
Your flame sensor may be dusty if your Carrier furnace isn’t heating up. Clean it with an abrasive pad. In the event that the furnace is still malfunctioning,

Flash codes for Carrier furnaces

What do the flashing signals on your Carrier furnaces mean? You must first understand that each code is unique and conveys a distinct meaning. The amount of brief flashes will decide the first number, while the number of extended flashes will determine the second number. To clear up any doubt and get your furnace repaired, we advise contacting the ROMA HVAC staff.

Carrier furnace intermittently shuts off

If a Carrier furnace continually turning off, there can be a problem with the airflow. You must frequently have your filters modified in order to resolve this. If you don’t do this, your exchanger will eventually overheat and your furnace will shut down.

Putting in a Carrier furnace
A Carrier furnace installation can be an excellent long-term energy and financial savings alternative if you’re a new homeowner or if you want to replace your furnace. The furnaces of today are a lot more efficient than the ones of our youth.

This implies that you have a variety of options to pick from depending on your heating requirements. Unquestionably among the greatest brands in the HVAC sector is a Carrier furnace. We do advise installing Carrier for our clientele. It is a reputable brand that sells top-notch furnaces and central air conditioners. Call ROMA HVAC right away to arrange for the installation of a Carrier furnace.

Near Me Repair For Carrier Furnaces

Installing a Carrier furnace as soon as possible and with high reliability is essential throughout the winter. Every winter, on chilly, difficult, and muggy summer days. Suddenly. You and your family feel uncomfortable and sad when an issue arises. Over the years, gas furnaces have been created and tested to function dependably. Still, maintaining a high level of efficiency in your heating system while also making your life better requires frequent furnace operation and maintenance.

Ignoring routine furnace maintenance can increase energy costs, decrease comfort, and make parts of the furnace work harder, reducing their service life and, in rare situations, causing the furnace system to completely malfunction or fail.

While the majority of homeowners can easily take care of cleaning or replacing the air filter, reliability and longevity can be improved by contacting ROMA HVAC system professionals who are qualified to check their furnace and appliances on a regular basis or for the installation of a Carrier furnace. They occasionally stop significant emergent problems. However, bear in mind to do routine maintenance on your furnace if you want to keep it warm in the upcoming years.

Repair and installation of Carrier air conditioners

Please give our professionals a call if your home need Carrier air conditioner repair so we can install a trouble-free wireless system. We will deliver knowledgeable work from the original draught to the final evaluation, and you will be happy with all of our services. To ease the stress on your family, professional Carrier air conditioner installers can assist you in searching through a long list of options for the best system and rapidly installing it.

A full cooling and heating system often includes central air conditioning units. A heat pump can run your air conditioner if your system is entirely electric. There are several parts and potential failure modes in both cases. Several instances include:

Continuous operation and insensitive cooling: Every HVAC system works harder on hot, humid days. However, there can be an issue if your machine seems to keep running after cooling down partially. Smaller units will struggle under heavy demand because low refrigerant concentration causes a longer cycle and less effective refrigerant. Performance and efficiency can also be affected by unclean air filters, dirty condenser coils outside, or dirty evaporator coils inside. Before contacting an expert in air conditioning repair, try cleaning or replacing the air filter.

Start-and-stop (cycling): Your dealer can install a more comprehensive system if your machine appears to start, shut off, and switch on repeatedly. The AC system has a problem if the refrigerant component is low since it will operate improperly. Similar results may be obtained by using a filter or highly airtight filter with the evaporator’s fifth or black input. Although blowing air is necessary to clean the evaporator coil, cleaning or changing the air filter can help. For this reason, getting a Carrier high-quality air conditioner installation is crucial.

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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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    professional and efficient. They replaced my furnace, made everything and everywhere very clean and neat

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