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Healthy HVAC Equipment Checklist

Maintain Your HVAC System’s Health with ROMA’s Expert Tips

Your Guide to a Long-Lasting and Efficient HVAC System

Keeping your HVAC system in top condition is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and healthy home environment. Follow this easy-to-read checklist to maintain the health of your HVAC equipment effectively.


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Healthy HVAC Equipment Checklist by ROMA Heating & Cooling 1

Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tasks:

  • Filter Inspection and Replacement:

    • Check your HVAC filters every month.
    • Replace or clean them if they are dirty to maintain airflow and air quality.
  • Vent and Register Cleaning:

    • Vacuum indoor vents and keep them free from dust.
    • Ensure furniture or drapes do not block airflow.
  • Thermostat Check:

    • Test your thermostat to see if it’s functioning correctly.
    • Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat for better efficiency.

Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Tasks:

As Seasons Change (Every 3 Months):

  • Ductwork Inspection:

    • Look for visible signs of leaks, obstructions, or damage in exposed ducts.
    • Schedule professional duct cleaning if necessary.
  • Outdoor Unit Clearance:

    • Remove debris, leaves, and branches from around your outdoor HVAC unit.
    • Ensure there’s at least 2 feet of clearance around the unit for proper airflow.


  • Cooling System Prep:
    • Schedule a professional inspection of your air conditioner or heat pump.
    • Check coolant levels and inspect for any potential leaks.


  • Heating System Prep:
    • Have a professional inspection and tune-up of your furnace or boiler.
    • Check for proper ignition, burner combustion, and heat exchanger conditions.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Tasks:

  • Professional System Inspection:

    • Have a licensed technician perform an annual system inspection.
    • This inspection should include checking electrical connections, testing system controls, and ensuring all components are in good working order.
  • System Efficiency Check:

    • Ensure your system is operating efficiently.
    • Discuss any concerns with your technician about strange noises, uneven heating or cooling, or unexpected increases in energy bills.
  • Air Quality Enhancement:

    • Consider adding air purifiers, humidifiers, or dehumidifiers to your system.
    • Clean or replace any air quality components you already have, such as filters in air purifiers.

Long-Term HVAC Care:

  • Update and Upgrade:

    • Keep track of your HVAC system’s age and performance.
    • Plan for system upgrades or replacements if your equipment is old or frequently needs repairs.
  • Home Insulation Check:

    • Ensure your home is well insulated to support your HVAC system’s efficiency.
    • Seal windows and doors to prevent air leaks.
  • User Education:

    • Stay informed about your HVAC system and how it works.
    • Educate all household members on the importance of maintaining a healthy HVAC system.

Maintaining a healthy HVAC system doesn’t have to be complicated. With this straightforward checklist, you can keep track of essential tasks to ensure your system remains efficient and effective year-round. For expert maintenance services, reach out to ROMA Heating & Cooling — we’re here to help your HVAC system stay healthy.

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