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Comfortmaker HVAC | Heating and Cooling

Experience Unparalleled Comfort with Comfortmaker HVAC Solutions – Offered by ROMA Heating & Cooling!

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we take immense pride in introducing you to the world of Comfortmaker HVAC products – a name synonymous with excellence and reliability in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. As seasoned HVAC experts, we are dedicated to providing you with superior comfort solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Comfortmaker HVAC products are crafted with precision and innovation, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. Whether you seek a powerful air conditioner to battle the summer heat or a dependable gas furnace to keep your home warm during winter, our extensive selection of Comfortmaker products ensures the perfect balance of comfort and cost savings.

Comfortmaker HVAC Models and Series:

  1. Comfortmaker SoftSound Series Gas Furnaces:
    • G9MAE0401714A – 40,000 BTU Gas Furnace
    • G9MAE0601714A – 60,000 BTU Gas Furnace
    • G9MAE0801716A – 80,000 BTU Gas Furnace
    • G9MAE1002120A – 100,000 BTU Gas Furnace
  2. Comfortmaker SoftSound Series Air Conditioners:
    • CVA9/CAA9 – 2 Ton 19 SEER Air Conditioner
    • CVA9/CAA9 – 2.5 Ton 19 SEER Air Conditioner
    • CVA9/CAA9 – 3 Ton 19 SEER Air Conditioner
    • CVA9/CAA9 – 4 Ton 19 SEER Air Conditioner
  3. Comfortmaker SoftSound Series Heat Pumps:
    • CCH9/CHH9 – 2 Ton 18 SEER Heat Pump
    • CCH9/CHH9 – 2.5 Ton 18 SEER Heat Pump
    • CCH9/CHH9 – 3 Ton 18 SEER Heat Pump
    • CCH9/CHH9 – 4 Ton 18 SEER Heat Pump

Discover Comfortmaker Excellence:

Choose ROMA Heating & Cooling as your preferred provider of Comfortmaker HVAC services. Our skilled team is committed to helping you select the ideal Comfortmaker HVAC system that perfectly suits your home’s requirements. Contact us today at 604-704-0300 or visit our website at to explore the full range of Comfortmaker HVAC solutions. Embrace unparalleled comfort with Comfortmaker and ROMA Heating & Cooling – your trusted heating and cooling experts since 1999!