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Comprehensive Furnace Services by ROMA Heating & Cooling in Vancouver

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When it comes to maintaining a comfortable and safe home in Burnaby, BC, your furnace plays a vital role. At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we are your trusted HVAC experts since 1999, dedicated to providing top-notch furnace services. Whether you’re facing furnace repairs, need furnace parts replacement, or require a brand new furnace installation, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various furnace services we offer to ensure your home’s warmth and safety.

Furnace Repairs and Parts Replacement

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

Your furnace may exhibit several signs indicating the need for repair. Recognizing these signs early can prevent further issues and ensure your home remains cozy throughout the year. Some common indications include:

  • Unusual Furnace Odors: Strange smells from your furnace can signal potential issues with the system. Don’t ignore unusual odors; they could be a safety hazard.
  • Gas Leaks: Gas leaks are a serious concern and require immediate attention. If you smell gas around your furnace, shut it off and contact us immediately.
  • Trouble Starting the Furnace: If your furnace struggles to start or fails to ignite, it’s time for a professional inspection.
  • Uneven Heating: Inconsistent heating throughout your home can result from various problems within the furnace.
  • Higher Than Normal Heating Bills: A sudden increase in heating bills could be due to an inefficient furnace. Regular maintenance can help avoid this.
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm Alerts: If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off, evacuate your home and contact us for an inspection.
  • Abnormal Noises: Strange noises like rattling or banging are clear signs of a problem. These noises should not be ignored.
  • Water Leaks: Water leaks around your furnace can lead to serious damage. Prompt action is necessary to prevent further issues.

Regular maintenance can often catch these problems before they escalate. Neglecting repairs can result in safety hazards and higher repair costs in the future.

The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

Regular furnace maintenance is the key to keeping your heating system running smoothly and efficiently. Many homeowners underestimate the significance of routine maintenance, which can lead to costly repairs down the road. Here are some reasons why furnace maintenance is essential:

  • Energy Efficiency: A well-maintained furnace operates more efficiently, saving you money on heating bills. It ensures that your furnace burns fuel cleanly and evenly, reducing waste.
  • Extended Lifespan: Regular maintenance can significantly extend the life of your furnace. It prevents wear and tear, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and the need for early replacements.
  • Safety: Furnace maintenance includes checking for gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and other safety hazards. Ensuring your furnace is in top condition is crucial for your family’s safety.
  • Warranty Protection: Many furnace manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance to honor warranty claims. Skipping maintenance could void your warranty.

Our team of experienced technicians at ROMA Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive furnace maintenance services. We recommend scheduling annual maintenance to keep your furnace in peak condition.

Furnace Replacement & Installation Service

The Three-Step Furnace Installation Process

When it’s time for a new furnace installation, ROMA Heating & Cooling has a streamlined three-step process to ensure your home’s comfort and safety:

  1. Remove Your Old Furnace: We start by carefully removing your old furnace, ensuring that it is safely and responsibly disposed of. This step is crucial as it clears the way for the installation of your new, energy-efficient furnace.
  2. Proper Connections: Our expert technicians make all the necessary connections to ensure your new furnace operates at peak efficiency and safety. This includes connecting the ductwork, gas lines, and electrical components.
  3. System Testing: Before leaving your home, we perform comprehensive system testing to guarantee your complete safety and satisfaction. We check for proper airflow, heating distribution, and ensure that your new furnace is operating at its optimal capacity.

Choosing the Right Furnace

Selecting the right furnace for your home is a critical decision. Factors to consider include:

  • Size: A furnace that is too small will struggle to heat your home, while one that is too large will cycle on and off frequently, leading to inefficiency. Our experts can help you determine the appropriate size for your space.
  • Efficiency: Modern furnaces come with various efficiency ratings, measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Higher AFUE ratings indicate greater efficiency and potential energy savings.
  • Fuel Type: Furnaces can run on natural gas, propane, oil, or electricity. The choice of fuel type depends on availability and cost in your area.
  • Features: Consider additional features like variable-speed blowers, two-stage heating, and smart thermostats that can enhance comfort and energy efficiency.

Our team will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the furnace that best meets your needs and budget.

Furnace Brands We Trust

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we believe in providing our customers with the best heating solutions available. That’s why we work with trusted furnace brands known for their reliability and efficiency. Some of the brands we carry include:

  • Lennox
  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Goodman
  • Rheem
  • Amana
  • Bryant
  • Daikin
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore
  • Heil
  • KeepRite
  • Payne
  • Rinnai
  • Ducane
  • Bosch Boiler
  • Armstrong Air
  • Buderus
  • Aire-Flo
  • Intertherm
  • Whirlpool
  • Viessmann
  • Whalen Co.
  • Tempstar
  • Day & Night
  • Frigidaire
  • Navien
  • Ruud

We’re committed to offering you a wide range of options to fit your unique heating needs. Our team is well-versed in these brands, ensuring expert installation and maintenance.

The ROMA Heating & Cooling Difference

At ROMA Heating & Cooling, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional furnace services to residents in Burnaby, BC, and the surrounding areas. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Licensed and Bonded: We are a licensed and bonded HVAC contractor, ensuring our services meet the highest industry standards.
  • No Hidden Fees: With ROMA, you can trust that the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay—no hidden fees or surprises.
  • Zero Percent Financing: We understand that HVAC projects can be costly. That’s why we offer zero percent financing to make your furnace installation more affordable.
  • Emergency Services: Furnace emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency services to address urgent issues and restore your comfort promptly.
  • Proactive Solutions: Our comprehensive HVAC system inspections help identify potential issues and offer proactive solutions to prevent major breakdowns, ensuring your system operates at its best.
  • Service Areas: We proudly serve a wide range of locations in the Greater Vancouver Region, including Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows, Abbotsford, Langley, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Surrey, West Vancouver, Delta, Maple Ridge, White Rock, and more.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand by our work and offer 100% satisfaction guarantees on all air-conditioner and heating services.
  • Expertise: With over two decades of experience, our technicians have your safety, welfare, and comfort in mind at all times. They are certified and experienced, ensuring the highest quality service.

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In conclusion, ROMA Heating & Cooling is your go-to HVAC contractor in Burnaby, BC, for all your furnace needs. Whether you require furnace repairs, parts replacement, or a new furnace installation, our experienced team is here to ensure your home stays warm, safe, and energy-efficient.

Don’t wait until the cold weather hits; schedule your furnace service with us today and experience the ROMA Heating & Cooling difference. Contact us at 604-305-4960 or email us at to get started. Our team is ready to provide you with reliable, efficient, and top-quality furnace services that will keep you comfortable year-round.

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Thank you for choosing ROMA Heating & Cooling, your trusted HVAC experts since 1999.

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