Concord 80 plus furnace error codes

Concord 80plus was created to help alleviate the problems faced by homeowners during the winter. It is a great heater and can warm up your home quickly.

It is not always easy to troubleshoot problems with a Concord 80-plus furnace. This is why you should make sure that you avoid errors by knowing the error codes.

The user manual of Concord 80 plus furnaces helps users to troubleshoot all kinds of issues they might encounter while using their product.

The Concord 80 plus furnace error codes are a hodgepodge of codes that come from various components of the furnace.

Concord 80+ furnace error codes list

Concord 80 plus furnace error codes list:

Error code: 1400-6011: The air filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.

1400-6014: The house is overheating, contact a service technician.

1400-7001? : There is a problem with the fan motor. Contact a service technician.