The Most Common Dayton Furnace Error Codes and What They Mean

If you’ve ever owned a home, you know that all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, this also extends to your furnace and its many useful computer systems. When the time comes for your furnace to stop working, it will usually alert you in advance with a series of error codes. These codes are there to help maintenance staff figure out what is going wrong and how to fix it as quickly as possible. While different furnaces may use different error codes, they all serve the same purpose: alerting you when something is going wrong before it becomes a more serious problem that could result in expensive repairs or replacement parts. If you have a Furnace, sooner or later it will break down. Here we will discuss some common problems & issues related to Furnaces, and their repair and maintenance tips.

Error Code 01 – Blower Problem

Most often, when your furnace blower suddenly goes out, it means that it has stopped spinning. This could be because it has run out of energy, or the bearings are faulty. In the event of a sudden power outage, your furnace’s blower, being an asynchronous motor, will lose its power supply and immediately stop spinning. If the bearings are bad, the motor will grind to a halt and make a terrible racket as it tries to turn. When the problem involves a bad capacitor, the blower will hum, but won’t move. A faulty capacitor will also burn out your blower’s fuse. A bad capacitor will increase your furnace’s current draw and might trip a circuit breaker. If your furnace has a dual capacitor, one of the capacitors will have to be replaced.

Error Code 02 – Electronic Comm problem

There are certain furnace systems that use a computer to control the furnace, including the thermostat, blower, ignition, and burner. There could be a problem with the communication between the thermostat and the furnace if the thermostat fails to respond to the furnace’s signals.

Error Code 03 – Electronic Control problem

Furnace control boards fail occasionally, and when they do, they need to be replaced. Problems with the furnace control board can be caused by moisture buildup, power spikes, or an overloaded circuit. You won’t be able to fix these problems yourself, but you can call your local HVAC company to come to take a look at them.

Error Code 04 – Furnace Maintenance Required

If your furnace is due for maintenance and you have neglected to do so, your furnace will display this error code. This is essentially a reminder for you to have it serviced before it stops working for good. Most furnaces recommend that you have them serviced every year or every other year for maximum efficiency.

Error Code 05 – Furnace Failure

This is probably the worst error code to see on your furnace. It means that there is a serious problem with the furnace that needs to be addressed immediately. It is unlikely to be a minor problem that can be easily fixed, and it is also unlikely that you will be able to fix it yourself. It is highly recommended that you call a professional to deal with this error code as soon as you see it.

Error Code 06 – Furnace Stoppage

The furnace’s blower could have stopped spinning as a result of a furnace stoppage. This is usually caused by a problem with the thermostat. The thermostat could have failed, or it could have been incorrectly set.

Error Code 07 – Burner Or flame Sensor Problem

The flame sensors on the burner will be used to detect the presence of a flame. If they fail to do so, the furnace will display an error code. The flame sensor is not an essential part of the system, so it can be ignored. The furnace will work without it. In most cases, you will see this error code together with another error code, such as a sensor circuit error.

Error Code 08 – Ignition switch problem

The ignition switch is what turns the pilot light on. The switch could be broken or defective. It is unlikely that you will be able to fix it, so you will need to call a professional to take care of the problem for you.

Error code 09 & 10 – B panel problem and A/C Condenser problem.

The B panel is responsible for the operation of the blower, the burner, and some of the sensors. If it has failed, you will see an error code on your furnace. This is usually a sign that it is time to replace your furnace. The same is true if you notice that the A/C condenser is not working properly.


The furnace is an essential part of any home, and it must be monitored closely to make sure it is running at peak performance. Unfortunately, this means that it is also susceptible to a wide range of problems. Luckily, when issues arise, they will usually be identified by the furnace’s error codes, making it easier to identify the problem and take the necessary steps to repair or replace it.