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Deciphering Furnace Error Codes: Troubleshooting and Solutions

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Furnaces are essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, especially during chilly winter months. However, like any mechanical system, they can occasionally encounter issues that are indicated by error codes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various furnace error codes from popular brands like Goodman, Trane, Arcoaire, American Standard, Gibson, and Navien, and provide insights on how to troubleshoot and resolve them.

Understanding Furnace Error Codes

Furnace error codes serve as diagnostic tools, helping homeowners and HVAC technicians identify problems within the heating system. Each error code corresponds to a specific issue, making it easier to pinpoint the cause of the malfunction. Here’s a breakdown of some common furnace error codes:

  • Goodman 7P1 Code: The Goodman 7P1 error code indicates a “Low Flame Signal” or “Flame Failure.” It may be triggered by ignition problems or issues with the flame sensor.
  • Trane 1DL Code: The Trane 1DL error code relates to a “Pressure Switch Stuck Open” condition. It typically signifies problems with the pressure switch, venting, or inducer motor.
  • Trane Error Code 184.07: This Trane error code points to specific issues within the furnace’s control system. It’s essential to consult a technician for a thorough diagnosis.
  • Goodman F04 Code: The Goodman F04 error code is associated with a “High-Limit Temperature Exceeded” condition. It often indicates overheating and may require attention from a professional.
  • American Standard 1DL Code: Similar to the Trane 1DL code, this error relates to pressure switch problems and airflow issues.
  • Gibson Furnace Error Codes: Gibson furnaces may display various error codes, each with its unique meaning. These codes help identify specific issues for effective troubleshooting.
  • Trane Error Code 126: The Trane 126 error code is linked to a “Low Gas Pressure” condition. It requires a technician’s expertise to address gas supply-related problems.
  • Navien E110 Code: Navien water heaters may display the E110 error code, signaling issues with the unit’s combustion air or venting. Professional service is recommended for resolution.

Troubleshooting Furnace Error Codes

While error codes offer valuable insights, addressing furnace issues often requires professional expertise. Here are some general troubleshooting steps you can take:

  1. Safety First: Always prioritize safety by turning off the furnace and gas supply when troubleshooting.
  2. Check for Obstructions: Inspect vent pipes and flues for blockages that may disrupt airflow.
  3. Inspect Components: Visually examine components like pressure switches, flame sensors, and igniters for damage or loose connections.
  4. Clean Components: Remove any dirt, soot, or debris from critical parts like flame sensors and igniters.
  5. Professional Service: If the issue persists or if you’re uncertain about the diagnosis, contact a qualified HVAC technician for a comprehensive assessment and resolution.


Furnace error codes are valuable tools for diagnosing issues within your heating system. Understanding these codes and their meanings can help you take initial steps in addressing problems. However, professional service is often necessary for a thorough diagnosis and safe, effective repairs. For expert furnace services and assistance with resolving error codes, contact ROMA Heating & Cooling at (604) 704-0300 or email us at We’re here to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable throughout the year.

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