Dip switch setting Goodman furnace

Dip switch setting on a Goodman furnace refers to the settings for primary and secondary voltage, power input, and power distribution. These are set using a dip switch on the control board behind the furnace.

Some of these settings have default values in order to simplify the process of setting them. However, some things need to be set correctly in order for the system to work as intended.

The dip switches are located on the side of the furnace in a row, numbered 1 through 4.

1) Turn on the furnace, and you should see a digital or numerical readout of the current settings. Write these numbers down.

2) Holding in the reset button, press switch one – this will move the switch down to 1 (or the closest setting).

3) Release the reset button and wait for the furnace to restart.

The dip switch setting on a Goodman furnace is controlled by an electronic device that turns the furnace on and off.

There are three positions for the switch, 1-2-3. 1 is full heat, 3 is the fan-only position, and 2 is a mixture of both positions.

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