ea error code on Bosch boiler

When a boiler is installed, the installer begins their job by manually testing that the manufacturer’s plans are followed when installing and wiring the boiler. Once this process is complete, they set up diagnostics on the boiler in order to match it with an error code. A Bosch engineer will then be called to decipher what function or feature is causing the specific error code before they can work out how to fix it.

While it allows you to diagnose boilers remotely via your smartphone, an ea code doesn’t stand for environmental alteration. The program simply functions as a command system.

One of the few errors listed for Volvo boiler is ea error code on bosch boiler activity intermittent. Below are tips on how you can fix and solve the issue after you differ which error is displayed on the dashboard that means.

01) Test basic electrical works: unplug the appliance, reset breaker switches, re-set thermostat and check supply fuses. Ensure all electrical wiring is working correctly by carrying out routine checks.

The equipment may simply work incorrectly because of a nominal power overload; consider installing a new electrical circuit breaker switch or fuse box to avoid future malfunctions.

Many customers had complained that they were expected to leave their Christmas plans on hold because of the boiler failure. On the other, there are customers who have been pleased with the speed up of energy efficiency on a daily basis after installing their new heating systems.

The error code has been traced to rapid fluctuations of too much CO2 leaking into the heating water when increased output required for flue gas cleaning became too taxing for the boiler circuit and eventually disabled it from providing heat.

Causes for this may be; poor control of flue gas leakages by operators or incorrect operation or settings from within their EPA or topping up with too little CO2 which resulted in increased temperature and leakage.