Error codes for Worcester bosch boiler

Error codes for Worcester Bosch heating boilers are often not available for us to find out what the true problem may be. This is due to the complicated nature of these types of changes. However, the cost argument can no longer be relied upon because with more experience willow engineering starts using digital tools to make devices more reliable.

Unlike manual diagnostics, these digital devices work by means of digital feedback in order to detect errors and generate reports that they automatically collate in an easy-to-read format so that relevant results can be given quickly and efficiently

Worcester Bosch boiler is a common diesel multiple-effect type with two-cycle engines that were designed to work in accordance with the German “Dampflosetzen” fuel oil quality standard. It shown error code helps diagnose potential issues with Worcester Bosch boiler easily.

If your Worcester boiler’s display has the following error codes,

* 58 – all four circuit breakers successively closed, No Starter οr tripping of Main Relief Valve οr abnormal stare: restart following 1 to 3 minutes οf heating or ensuring that all circuits are working properly or replace main circuit breaker.

* 2245 – Password Error: Replace control cabinet password cable and/or enter secret code

* 244 – Diode Disk Low Side Terminal 1 over temperature:

If your boiler’s error code is between 2, 3 or 5 that means it has an issue with the secondary star on the top of the module.