How To Fix Goodman Furnace E5 Error Code

When you own an older home with natural gas for heat, you probably take the convenience for granted. You flip a switch and there’s heat. But if your furnace starts giving you problems, everything can seem inconvenient again! If your Goodman gas furnace has an E5 error code, it could be because of one of several mechanical or electronic issues. Fortunately, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds to troubleshoot and fix the problem so that your heating system works like new again. Whether the problem is simple or complex, follow these steps to troubleshoot your Goodman gas furnace E5 error code and fix it quickly.

Check The Electronic Control Panel

The electronic control panel is the brains behind your gas furnace. It controls the furnace’s ignition and blower motor, monitors the temperature inside the home, and controls whether the gas valve is open or closed. It also relays information about the system that’s not visible to the naked eye, such as if there’s a short or if the pilot light is out. There are several types of electronic control panels found in Goodman gas furnaces. They are either single or multi-stage, control both the ignition and the blower motor, and use either a bi-metal or reheat thermostat. If you’re not sure which type of control panel your furnace has, you can follow these simple steps to check: First, turn off the power to the furnace at the breaker panel. If your furnace is a multi-stage model, turn off both stages. Then, unplug the furnace from the outlet. Now, remove the front panel of the furnace (this may require removing a couple of screws). You’ll see the control panel. Look for the model number etched into the control panel housing. You can also check the control panel’s model number by looking at the furnace’s manual.

Inspect The Furnace’s Venting

The most common cause of an E5 error code is a clog in the venting, which forces the gas-burning furnace to overheat and trip. You can check the venting by removing the rear panel of the furnace (again, you may need to remove a couple of screws). Vent problems are easy to spot if they’re visible. If there’s a clog in your furnace’s venting, you’ll see things like leaves, dirt, and maybe even rodents! But if everything looks clear, you may want to check the venting inside the home. Venting problems inside your home can cause the same E5 error code if the venting isn’t sealed properly. If you find a venting problem inside your home, contact a professional to fix it.

Find The Problem With Your Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a device inside your gas furnace that monitors the temperature of the gas as it enters the furnace. If the gas is too hot, the thermocouple shuts off the gas valve. If it’s too cool, it turns the gas valve back on. The thermocouple may trip if there’s a problem with the air intake, such as a clog or blockage. It may also trip if there’s a problem with the gas supply, like a broken or disconnected gas line. If you suspect there’s a problem with your thermocouple, you can follow these steps: First, shut off the power to the furnace. Next, unplug the furnace from the outlet. Now, locate the thermocouple by following the gas line to its endpoint. You should see a device attached to the end of the gas line, and a single wire extending out of the device. The wire extends inside the furnace, where it connects to the control panel. Thermocouples are designed to heat up and cool down repeatedly when the furnace is in use, so you’re not going to be able to test it with a multimeter. But you can check the wiring to make sure it’s intact and that it’s connected to the control panel.

Goodman Gas Furnace E5 Error Codes – Electronic Problems

The most common electronic issues that can cause an E5 error code in a gas furnace have to do with the thermocouple or the bi-metal thermostat. If the thermostat is tripped, the furnace won’t turn on. If the thermocouple is tripped, the furnace will run, but won’t turn off. It will continue to run until it burns itself out. If your furnace is giving you an E5 error code, you should check the thermocouple first. If the thermocouple is tripped, you can reset it by pressing the reset button. If the thermostat is tripped, you can reset it by pressing its reset button.

Goodman Gas Furnace E5 Error Codes – Mechanical Problems

Some mechanical issues can cause an E5 error code. A clogged or dirty filter is the most common, and it’s easily fixed. A problem with the fan motor is also possible, but it’s a little bit more difficult to troubleshoot (you’ll need a multimeter and experience working with gas furnaces to troubleshoot this one). If there’s a problem with the fan motor, it will prevent the furnace from turning on. If there’s a problem with the combustion blower motor, the furnace will turn on, but won’t shut off. It will continue to run until it burns itself out.

Fix Any Mechanical Issues You Find During Your Inspection

If you find a problem, the best thing to do is to fix it. If it’s something that a DIYer can handle, such as a clogged or dirty filter, or a faulty gas valve, you should get to work! If you find a problem with the furnace’s fan motor or combustion blower motor, you should call a professional to fix it. Not only are these components difficult for a DIYer to repair, but they must be installed and wired correctly by a professional.


While an E5 error code is frustrating, it can be fixed with a little troubleshooting. Your first step should be to check the furnace’s venting to make sure it’s clear of obstructions. Then, you should check the electronic control panel to make sure the thermocouple or bi-metal thermostat isn’t causing the error code. If there’s a mechanical issue, you should call a professional to repair it. Hopefully, your Goodman gas furnace will work like new again in no time.