flame sensor Armstrong furnace

An Armstrong furnace has a set of sensors that detect flame levels.

A simple tip to ensure that your furnace is firing on all cylinders and gets the highest energy efficiency is to clean the flame sensor.

Many people avoid cleaning their buildings or appliance as it is a tedious task and also incomplete due to rogue dirt in inaccessible areas after cleaning.

The same principle can be applied to sensors on your furnace but there is no error code for dirty sensors. So you need an automated solution to quickly identify which sensors need cleaning so you don’t have to dig through the maintenance manual again.

There are several benefits of using this Armstrong furnace flame sensor cleaning service. One good thing to remember is that you always make your customers happy as they will have their Hamilton Fumey Cleaning Service provide the service that’s needed.


Cleaning the furnace filter on an Armstrong gas furnace can be a tedious job that is often skipped. Inadequate cleaning of flame sensors for up to six months will increase the risk of carbon buildup and a clogged system, which typically requires re-cleaning.

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