Flame sensor Goodman furnace

We are so excited to offer you this amazing and high-quality Goodman flame sensor. It is perfect for use with your Goodman furnace.

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This flame sensor is made from the highest quality materials, and it ensures that your furnace will last for a long time without any inconvenience.

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The flame sensor is a device that is used in modern furnaces to detect the presence of flame in the furnace. A small red light will be on when the flame sensor detects a flame and off when there’s no flame.

The Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor monitors the presence of propane or natural gas flames in a furnace by sensing infrared energy emitted by the fire through an open port in the furnace wall. If a flame is detected, an incandescent bulb turns on and illuminates a red light positioned behind it. The bulb is off if no fire is detected or there has been an interruption of power to the sensor.

A thermostat closes this port when no fire is present and opens it when one starts.

Furnace technology has changed, and it’s important to make sure that you have the most up-to-date versions. One of the upgrades is a flame sensor, which can help detect problems with your heater before they become a major issue.

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