furnace error 31

The furnace error 31 happens when the flame sensor has failed or is not installed properly.

This error is most commonly found with gas furnaces. If a gas furnace has this issue, it would need to be replaced.

A furnace error 31 means the furnace has detected an error that requires a power interruption and is shutting down in order to protect itself. This message will appear on a Furnace Display screen.

Furnace Display Screen Explanation: A message on the display screen tells you that the furnace is shutting down to protect itself. This message will appear when an error has been detected by the furnace and there is no way to circumvent it by rebooting or resetting the circuit breaker.

The furnace error 31 is a part of the furnace computer code which will tell you if the problem is on your side or with your heating system.

Some common errors that can cause this issue are

– Low water level

– Loose thermostat wire connection

– Faulty thermocouple

The furnace error 31 is a failure code that was generated when the furnace process was interrupted, usually while cycling.

There are some causes of furnace error 31: a faulty thermostat, blocked chimney, and faulty burner. If you have this error code, contact your heating engineer immediately to fix the issue.