furnace error 33

Sometimes furnaces and air conditioners get error 33. This means that the furnace does not work on low heat. There are typically two causes of this error: the filters in the furnace or condenser unit are blocked, or there is an electrical problem.

There are three potential causes of furnace error 33:

A filter is blocked with dust, which can occur in as little as 30 days from the manufacture date

An electrical wiring problem with the MPT circuit board of the heating coil The remote thermostat needs replacing

The furnace error 33 is a common furnace error code. It usually means that the fan speed sensor has failed or it’s not functioning properly.

This is a very urgent and specific error code that breaks down your furnace with no possible way to fix it remotely. You must check your furnace’s status right away to see if you can resolve the problem before it goes any further.

Contact a reliable service provider in order to get an appointment for them to come out on site and fix the problem as soon as possible!

In furnace error 33, the furnace detected issues with the burner, then shut off automatically and alerted the operator.

This section talks about how an error was reported on a furnace.