furnace error flashes

Many homeowners are not aware that furnace error flashes on their furnace could actually be a sign of a serious problem. Here are some common signs of when you should call for help.

Starting with a general overview, this article will provide some details on the types of errors that can occur and what to do if your furnace is flashing.

Furnace error flashes typically indicate an issue with the burner or blower motor in your furnace, but there are many other reasons they can appear as well.

The furnace error flashes differ in colour, duration and intensity. They are caused by a defective relay and they vary in intensity depending on the furnace.

Factors that cause furnace error flashes:

– dirty air filter

– gas leak

– tripped circuit breaker or fuse

– overheating

Furnace error flashes are deemed as a potential danger to the users. This is because they can turn a furnace off, leaving people without heat in the winter and without hot water in the summer.

Building owners are required to have fires under their furnaces at all times, especially during cold weather. However, many furnaces do not have enough capacity to have an adequate fire going in them all of the time.

Flashing furnace errors can cause major inconveniences when left ignored for too long. To prevent this from happening, it is important that building owners take immediate action and fix any flashing errors reported by their furnaces.