furnace error zone

The furnace error zone is one of the most important concepts in HVAC theory and troubleshooting. The zone starts at the supply registers and ends at the return registers. It’s always considered in systems where a problem is found with a single motor or motor group. The idea behind this concept is that if there’s an error within this zone, it’s likely that a motor has failed, which would require immediate attention from either an electrician or someone with knowledge of motors.

The furnace error zone can be used when troubleshooting leaks, frost build-up, or other problems with heating systems.

The furnace error zone is a zone where the temperature of the thermostat drops below 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

In order to get rid of the error zone in the furnace, you have to be able to detect it.

The best way is to install a telemetry sensor that can record every movement of the furnace. This way, you will always know when there is an issue and be able to fix it before it becomes not manageable.