Furnace Inspection and Annual Servicing

We want to help keep your furnace in good condition for a long time. We will do a complete inspection of your furnace every year. This will help make sure that it stays safe and lasts longer. We are committed to providing comprehensive inspections and maintenance programs for your furnace. Having an annual checkup can help keep your furnace working well for a long time and it can also reduce safety hazards.

Annual safety inspections are something that the Canadian Fire Safety Association, insurance companies, your local gas provider, and the BC Safety Authority all recommend. They are also required by most furnace manufacturers if you want to keep your Parts Warranty valid. This is a service that is completed by a licensed and qualified gas technician in order to keep your family safe by reducing the amount of gas and carbon monoxide leaks in your home.

The following are some things our technicians check when they do a safety inspection of your furnace. This helps us prevent any future problems with your furnace.
– Blower motor
– Igniter
– Quality of blower
– Flame sensor rod
– Belt for blower
– Switches and controls
– Motor pulley
– Emergency shut off switch
– Bearings for blower fan
– Fan control – Motor alignment – Limit control – Inducer fan – Gas control valve – Vent motor – Gas regulator – Electrical fan.