Furnace thermostat error diagram


As part of the products in a wide range, the Sensei gas furnace thermostat provides heating and cooling settings.

In these error diagrams, users are looking at what types of errors can be plugged in. These include controller errors, zone sensor errors, power loss errors, and signal mismatches.

Here is an example with a signal mismatch (MP-12)

The diagram below at first showed errors in the furnace. It was not functioning as predicted, leading to higher heating bills.

When it comes to high heating bills and furnace errors, a thermostat calibration is required.

The furnace has been working for hours, and suddenly, you notice the thermostat says “0”. Does that mean the furnace is broken? While it can just mean that once there is no power, nothing will work in your home, some thermostats might experience an error. This can be due to anything like dirt on the sensor which causes errors or your wiring is crossed.

Some malfunction examples include:

Flashing LED error codes

Blinking LED on and off

1 red LED all solid, 4 extinguished LEDs with no light

An automated furnace thermostat has a sensor that values and rotates radiators according to a certain algorithm. In this diagram, the valves below the sensors show if they are on or off and which one has the highest value concerning temperature.

This furnace sensor may change temperatures in dozens of homes in just seconds! With technology, our lives continue to become more comfortable and easier – except when they don’t!

A furnace thermostat has to be can constantly learn your schedule. It’s doing so helps it make sure that in the late afternoon, for example, the furnace doesn’t come on and blow cold air into the house.

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