Furnace thermostat error display blank


If you’re diagnosing a burner issue and are troubleshooting which input to change on your furnace, although an indication of that input is indeed blank, the input is actually at fault.

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What is DFU on the furnace thermostat?

Unplug the furnace thermostat, being sure to detach the power cord from it first. Next, close off the power circuit by either turning off the circuit breaker or using a square and plunger diagrammable switch to swap over to another line. Finally, plug in your furnace and retry setting up your thermostat choosing option 1 if applicable. If nothing has happened then there is probably an issue with your furnace’s fan assembly which will need to be replaced for this error screen to go away.

What does the furnace thermostat have to do with a blank display?

Furnace thermostat errors are not uncommon and can either be caused by electrical or mechanical damage. One of the possible furnace error codes is a ‘blank display’ error when power is connected but the display is not on and nothing is showing up on it. This, unfortunately, tells you that there is either a problem with your power to the appliance or more likely your heating blower relay switch took out. Previously known as the transformer-contactor coil, household furnaces these days use thyristors in their necessary circuit which will allow current to flow through these switches quickly so they can turn your heating blower off.

Detecting an indication of a problem before it occurs is always crucial for homeowners. And this can be done with a furnace thermostat*. When there is no power outage, most often the problem will lie with the furnace display.

If you have experienced this problem, then what needs to be done is reset the modes on your thermostat. This will get it going in energy savings mode and not an energy cost-driven mode. You will want to switch the modes back on once the power has been restored.

While many people have different beliefs about what causes a blank display in stubborn cases of Furnace Thermostat Errors, one thing is for sure – troubleshooting should always start charging a simple step: resetting your system’s modes

It’s just not the right time to troubleshoot the furnace or its thermostat. And so, we’ll provide some hints to help give you a clue as to what might be going on while automotive chuckling.

This article’s goal is to determine if the ‘blank’ display on your furnace’s thermostat is an error code or just a blank screen and how that helps you see where to turn your attention next in troubleshooting.

Thermostats will usually warn you that something is amiss by displaying an error code especially one that’s long enough like ‘A/C HI’. When it only shows a blank display, there are many options from which to choose to gain entry. It might require physical access, password protection, or security protocol for remote assistance; please read the complete article for everything you need…

Furnace thermostats can be an important safety device to also help save money, but when the display displays “blank” or “furnace,” people likely feel concerned and usually try to find out what happened.

What does it mean for my furnace thermostat’s display screen to read blank? What does this mean for safety?

Most people may think the most probable question that comes from the error message is: “what does this mean for the safety of my home?”

Most likely the display is either outdated or functioning as it should. When a furnace has a failure, there should be another system that alerts one to the situation, such as an audible alarm. If not then one might want to call in an independent service professional who can examine it visually and determine if there are additional causes worth pursuing.

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