Furnace thermostat error fan


A thermostat throws an error code when there is a problem with the furnace. Let’s explore the different error codes and what it means in this article

Error code DLE – The fan limit switch has been tripped.

This type of error is recognized by a simple mechanical trip (switch) that seats itself into a valve that shuts off gas flow from the furnace until corrected. So, more than likely all you have to do is reset the fan limit switch (it’s either mounted near where you can reach it or mounted high above you so you might need to ask for assistance).

Why is this device so important?

Air conditioners and furnaces have thermostats. For example, a shutter might open to cool the air as it blows over it. It also turns off the furnace when you decide that you don’t need running heat any longer. This is known as ‘terminating point temperature’. If a problem goes wrong with even one of these devices, then that device will typically take up too much electricity which will make your bill run through the roof! CoolerToday has been installing and repairing furnaces and air conditioning units for Americans for many years and knows how to maintain or repair these popular devices for different brands including Carrier, Bryant, Goodman Furnace, or Amana Air Condition Central Ac including low-priced cost options.

When the electricity is on, the thermostat controls should work, but it could be really hot inside due to faulty wires cords or dried-up lubricant.

HVAC mechanics also need to know how to troubleshoot this issue for them to recognize the true origin of the problem. They need to find and correct first what has caused the fan not to work before they replace it.