furnace thermostat error

Furnace error codes provide an important safety feature that will help detect repairs sooner, and it could save lives.


Modern or high-quality furnaces produce air conditioning and heating when human operators are not yet, and can often respond just before the furnace needs. However, in such cases where something needs repair, there is a good chance that the fan will turn off after it reaches a certain temperature – to go bad means something is “past its useful life”.


Understanding the furnace thermostat work is important to ensure that it operates properly, and this article covers the most common issues which occur with it.

A furnace system has more parts than just the heat exchanger, blower, and compressor. It also includes diverse pieces of equipment like a circuit breaker or voltage regulator that controls input voltage and oscillating relays or limit controls that regulate current flow.

The result of an error in any one of these pieces of equipment can be a furnace that does not turn off or an air conditioner unwilling to start. The homeowner notices the problem the first time they turn on their HVAC system after winter break because no dials were set correctly

It’s an alarming moment when you realize you hear your HVAC click, and click again, but no air conditioning cool air blows despite being miserably hot outside. You repeatedly press your air conditioning buttons frantically to see if somehow accidentally push one or another button twice in succession

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