Furnace thermostat error keeps clicking


When considering what might be the problem with the furnace thermostat, consider the following possible repairs or other solutions:

Replace or clean dirty sensors – sensors inside the furnace that allow it to know the current temperature.

ADJUST FURNACE RUNNING HOURS – Adjust how often your home’s heat comes on when your heat is set to a lower temperature. If you keep your home cool more often than not and run a daily program on your thermostat, set it so that your furnace only runs 1-2 hours every day when it’s not hot outside”Furnace System Restarts a Program after Failure – A faulty program within your system leading to an error condition when some of these events occur(E.G.: Loss of power, sensor failure, improper programming sequence). Diagnose each and replace as needed.”

furnace thermostat error keeps clicking is the most common complaint among long-time homeowners but experienced professionals can fix it without much ado.

There are three basic ways to troubleshoot a furnace thermostat error checking the unit’s display, and its operations, or resetting it.

If your furnace’s display is reading correctly and its functions appear to be operating correctly as well then a simple reset of your thermostat should do the trick. You can do this by disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet and reheating or waiting for thirty seconds in an ambient temperature environment before plugging it back in so that electromagnetism affects input/output options on some models of programmable units.

Your furnace thermostat might need to be replaced which might also be the wiring or the sensor strips.

Modern-day furnaces come with a thermostat for regulating heating.

This thermostat is usually hooked up to an HVAC system and does what it does best- heating the house in winter and ventilating it in summer.

Whatever switch is on your thermostat may be faulty, but remember that don’t panic!

Here are the 5 steps you need to do to troubleshoot this heating unit error:

1) Check whether your thermostat needs any updates: without a doubt, this could well be the problem.

2) Cycle breaker or unplug anything else plugged into the same outlet as your furnace: the only thing going through is hot or cold so something may get jammed electrically.

3) Chose “Run cycle again” from the Settings section of app functionality: by repeatedly running flows, you may find out what exactly went wrong with your furnace.


A furnace thermostat is a mechanism that helps in regulating temperature by providing constant hot air, to warm a building or room. Major causes of this error could be motor breakdowns, low pressure, and many more.

The first step would be to investigate the errors which are causing this problem. Some of the major causes can be a broken motor, shortages of air pressure, or dirt clogging your thermostat screen. The problem can also arise from worn thermostat buttons and low battery power too.

The weird clicking noise that my furnace keeps making has been getting louder. I should probably figure out what it is and fix the problem, but I don’t know electrical work well enough to go in there and dig around in the wires.