Furnace thermostat error light blinking


Avoid faulty heating systems resulting in reduced energy and air-conditioning usage with a furnace thermostat error diagnostic.

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Summer is fast approaching and what you dread more than anything is the AC starting to break down in the heat of the day. What we need to do is get it checked for any error light blinking but what do these error lights mean?

This article talks about different reasons for different kinds of furnace errors and why that light blinks on the furnace thermostat.

In this post, I list out 10 things that an HVAC technician should know immediately when he or she comes across a poorly functioning furnace with some blinking light flashing on the thermostat.

Dear Thermoman,

I am writing to you because my thermostat is sometimes blinking. Does this mean I have a furnace thermostat error light blinking? How can I solve this problem?

The function of the furnace thermostat is to automatically control the furnace systems fan and/or motors to regulate the desired set temperature.

What happens when it lights?

Furnace thermostats use 3 common light codes:

  • Tech Tip Red Light: the furnace does not turn on, usually because the system has been on for too long. This will cause portable electric heaters to be used instead.
  • The Continuous Light Blinking: The purge process is needed for cleaning with a coil in a forced air system, indicating that there’s too much dust around coils or dirt build-up in the ductwork. (This can be solved by doing a weekly clean)
  • Beacon White Illumination: The presence of gas, no flame present – which indicates that there is some kind of problem with the connection or an open burner valve – this can often be fixed by replacing worn or stuck relays.

A faulty furnace thermostat, like a noisy furnace, can be an indicator of having issues with the gas feed, low pressure in the tank, or venting system. The furnace lights may turn on while turning off.

If you see the light blinking continuously, this is equivalent to your furnace not functioning at all. You have one of three potential problems here – electric power outage to your heating system due to a circuit breaker or fuse box problem; electric power interruptions on your splitting unit requiring resetting of circuit breakers and fuses; or electrical problems within your heating equipment causing arcing or localized shorts that may result in lines back-feeding power to the remote startup area.

Inevitably, when it comes down to it nearly all issues are caused by faulty wirings such as loose leads in connectors and cables faults at splices where individual wires originate from large multiconductor cables with many ends.

The blinking light will go out for two minutes for refueling before its starts again which

The furnace thermostat error light blinking means that there is a significant issue with the furnace.

  1. Power Supply Problems
  2. Furnace Fuse
  3. Heating Coils or Supporting Equipment Panic or Call for Help Modes