Furnace thermostat error list


An error list typically contains a symptom and details about the type of problem.

We offer an errors list in The Furnace section to provide detailed information on the errors which may occur.

The Furnace thermostat error list helps you to understand how to diagnose and resolve system faults with your heating device.1

Furnace thermostat errors are a common occurrence but there are a few easy things you can do to fix them.

To save you time, we have compiled the most common furnace thermostat errors below and offered suggestions on how to deal with them:

Issue: Fan runs continuously upon startup or system reboots

Solution: Do not start heating or cooling while the fan is running. Confirm that power to the unit is on and contact your local technician if the system still not operating correctly.

Issue: Fan still running after Controls has been turned Off

Causal factors: Failed restart; faulty pressure sensor; faulty t-statements showing line voltage too high or low, an area of concern may be an electrical surge damaging control circuitry; out-of-sequence events due to storm damage. Solution: Check the circuit breaker for troubleshooting instructions – Blow air across contacts with the furnace lid removed (arrow below) Make sure no lines carrying AC voltage into the furnace with water during wet weather –

This article covers a list of furnace thermostat error messages you may see on a thermostat. Usually, these IR thermostats are outdoors and alert if there are potential problems.

Ever wonder what your house thermometer means when it displays an error message? You’ve probably been told the meaning behind that message several times already but if you’re like me, it never hurts to review the most common errors which might pop up during routine checks.

The simplest way to decode the list of these symptoms is to just figure out what kind of situation triggered that particular alarm before soldering any other conclusions about your model or system/building setup. After taking this straightforward approach, I usually find that the problem has a straightforward solution. It more than likely resolves itself with something as simple as updating the device’s firmware or resetting it together (deleting preferences).