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Roma Heating & Cooling: Your Trusted Partner for Gas HVAC Parts Supply and Replacement

For over 20 years, Roma Heating & Cooling HVAC Air Conditioning has been a reputable full HVAC company in the greater Vancouver area. As a reliable and experienced HVAC provider, we specialize in gas HVAC parts supply and replacement services. We are your go-to source for high-quality parts and guaranteed works. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure the optimal performance of your HVAC system.

Gas HVAC systems are complex and rely on various parts to function effectively. At Roma Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of having access to reliable and top-quality gas HVAC parts. With a comprehensive inventory, we offer a wide range of parts for different makes and models, complete with their corresponding part numbers. In this article, we will explore ten essential gas HVAC parts and explain how Roma Heating & Cooling can assist you with the supply and replacement of these parts.

1. Gas Furnace Control Board (Part Number: GF-CB001)
The gas furnace control board acts as the central control system for your heating system. It regulates and coordinates various components, including the thermostat, blower motor, and gas valve. If your furnace experiences issues such as frequent cycling, erratic temperatures, or failure to start, a faulty control board may be the cause. At Roma Heating & Cooling, we have a wide selection of compatible gas furnace control boards. Our skilled technicians can help you find the right replacement and ensure a seamless installation, restoring your furnace’s optimal performance.

2. Igniter (Part Number: IGN-002)
The igniter is responsible for initiating the combustion process in your gas furnace. It creates a spark to ignite the fuel and start the heating cycle. If you are experiencing issues such as a furnace that fails to start or produces inadequate heat, a faulty igniter may be the culprit. Roma Heating & Cooling offers high-quality igniters for various furnace models, including the appropriate part number for easy identification. Our expert technicians can assist you in selecting the correct igniter and perform a professional replacement, ensuring reliable ignition and efficient heating.

3. Flame Sensor (Part Number: FS-003)
The flame sensor is a critical safety device that detects the presence of a flame in your gas furnace. It ensures that the burners ignite properly and shuts off the gas supply if no flame is detected, preventing potential hazards. If your furnace is having trouble staying lit or frequently cycling on and off, a faulty flame sensor might be to blame. Roma Heating & Cooling can provide a reliable replacement flame sensor, complete with the appropriate part number. Our technicians will ensure a proper installation, restoring the safe and consistent operation of your furnace.

4. Gas Valve (Part Number: GV-004)
The gas valve controls the flow of gas into your furnace, regulating the heat production. A faulty gas valve can cause issues such as no heat, insufficient heat, or even gas leaks. Roma Heating & Cooling stocks high-quality gas valves for a variety of furnace models. With the corresponding part numbers, we can help you select the right replacement for your system. Our technicians will ensure a secure and efficient installation, guaranteeing a safe gas flow in your furnace.

5. Blower Motor (Part Number: BM-005)
The blower motor plays a vital role in circulating the heated or cooled air throughout your HVAC system. It pushes the air through the ductwork and into different rooms of your home or commercial space. If you notice reduced airflow, unusual noises, or the blower not functioning at all, a faulty blower motor may be the cause. Roma Heating & Cooling offers reliable blower motor replacements that are compatible with a variety of HVAC systems. Our skilled technicians will install a new motor, restoring proper airflow and ensuring optimal comfort.

6. Capacitor (Part Number: CP-006)
The capacitor is an essential electrical component that stores and releases energy to start the motor in your HVAC system. It provides the necessary electrical boost for the motor to operate smoothly. A failing capacitor can result in the motor not starting or running at its full speed, leading to inadequate cooling or heating. Roma Heating & Cooling offers replacement capacitors for various HVAC systems. Our technicians will inspect your capacitor, recommend a suitable replacement with the correct part number, and ensure a proper installation, restoring the reliable operation of your motor.

7. Pressure Switch (Part Number: PS-007)
The pressure switch is a safety device that monitors the air pressure within your HVAC system. It ensures proper airflow and shuts off the system if there is a problem. If your system is experiencing issues such as inadequate heating or cooling, constant cycling, or restricted airflow, a faulty pressure switch may be the cause. Roma Heating & Cooling can provide a reliable replacement pressure switch to ensure…

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