Goodman furnace 4 blinks limit switch.

A goodman furnace can blink the limit switch can sometimes be caused by a faulty relay in the furnace. This common problem can be fixed by replacing the relay or by plugging the blower motor plug into another outlet in the house with no breaker problems.

Goodman furnaces come with a limit switch that regulates the amount of time the furnace can be on. Goodman furnaces should not be left on for more than four minutes.

Goodman furnaces have a limit switch. This device is designed to prevent users from leaving the unit running for too long by cutting off power in case it exceeds a preset time.

The limit switch has an adjustable timer set to cut off power after four minutes of continuous operation.

The furnace should automatically shut off when the limit switch has been tripped.

The limit switch turns on when the furnace gets too close to its operating temperature limit.

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