Goodman furnace 4 flashing lights

This section will provide a review of the goodman furnace’s four flashing lights.

The Goodman furnace 4 has an electronic ignition system that is not affected by power outages. The company had enhanced the monitoring of this model in response to customer feedback about other models shutting down when the power was interrupted.

The Goodman FM4842 is a two-stage furnace, as well as many other models from this manufacturer, which means it operates differently from traditional furnaces. The burners are located on both sides of the heat exchanger and create a more even distribution of heat for better efficiency and comfort.

The FM4842 also comes with a programmable thermostat that allows you to set your desired temperature quickly and easily. You can also monitor your home’s indoor air quality with this model thanks to its built-in humidifier that prevents dryness by adding moisture to the air, as well as reducing static electricity build-up.

Goodman furnaces have four flashing lights that signify different things.

There are a number of things that the flashing lights can be signalling. Firstly, if the furnace needs a reset, the red light will blink for about two minutes before turning off. If there is an error with the motor, the flashing yellow light will continue to blink until it’s turned off from the breaker box. Blinking green and red lights typically means that there is an electrical problem with the furnace, and it needs to be inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

The first one is the blinking yellow light. This could indicate a failure in the primary blower, control board, or circuit board. The second one is where only the power light flashes and no other lights are flickering or on at all. This could be a disconnected wire, improper wiring, or a bad thermostat setting on the thermostat itself. The third would be when four different lights flash simultaneously, and no other lights are on. This could point out a malfunction in the gas valve assembly in your furnace gas valve assembly due to carbon buildup from dirt or improper operation from long periods without use. The last indicator would be when only two lights flash, and none of them blink simultaneously with all others off as well as inconsistent heat coming out of your furnace vents and cold air coming out of your house’s return vents at all times during operation. This could signify that you need professional help.


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