Goodman furnace control board no lights

Goodman’s furnaces are known for their reliability and one of the factors that contribute to this reputation is the simplicity of its controls.

This article will help you troubleshoot a furnace that has no lights on its control board.

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This section explains the causes and how to diagnose a Goodman furnace control board that has no lights.

Goodman furnace control boards are composed of many components, including the control circuit boards, relays, lamp modules, and switches. If a Goodman furnace control board has no lights, it could be caused by several factors. Below is an overview of what could cause the problem with the entire product or individual components:

– No power source: Check if there are power sources in the wiring and wall socket

– Damaged lamp module: Replace the damaged lamp module

– Computer chip failure: Replace computer chip on board

The Goodman furnace control board is designed to turn on the blower, start the ignition, and monitor the furnace’s operation. The board doesn’t have any lights on it. If a furnace starts but there are no lights on the control panel, it means that something is wrong with either the power or the wiring.

The first thing to check when a Goodman furnace control panel doesn’t turn on is whether or not it was turned off. If so, then you can check to see if the power is out by flipping a circuit breaker or turning off your GFI breaker at your home’s main service panel. If you want to be sure that your wiring isn’t defective and causing an issue with your board, replace a wire leading out of one of your terminals with another wire and try turning it back on again.

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