Goodman furnace error code 96

The Goodman furnace is a line of furnaces and boilers made by the Goodman Company. It has been used in the United States and Canada since 1978.

An error code 96 is displayed on the control panel when a problem with the furnace occurs, usually due to an electrical issue.

The main error code that you need to pay attention to is error code 1; as a result, the system will turn off all power to the furnace, which will then be repaired or replaced.

Goodman furnace error code 96 can be a problem with the gas switch.

To resolve this error code, you must turn off all power to the furnace and turn it back on. This will reset the control board and make it safe for use again.

Goodman furnace error code 96 is a heating and cooling problem that a few faulty parts can cause.

This is related to the burner cap, the igniter, or the gas valve. If none of these problems are the cause, it could be an issue with your wiring.

It could also be caused by your filter being too dirty or clogged.

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