Goodman furnace flashing red light

Goodman furnaces are made by a company called Goodman Manufacturing Company.

The Goodman is an air-to-air heat pump type of heating system. There are two types of Goodman furnaces: the ones that have exterior units and the ones that only have one unit to sit outside.

This article will show you how to diagnose and remedy flashing red lights on your goodman furnace.

Some common causes for a red flashing light on your goodman furnace would be an error code, low voltage power supply, or faulty control board.

Here we will take a look at some ways to diagnose each of these errors and how to fix them for your goodman furnace to start working again.

Intermittent flashing of the Automatic Reset Light indicates that your system is overheated and needs to be run at a lower temperature.

Sometimes the furnace will flash red, but this indicates that your system has been running for more than four hours and needs to be turned off.

If the goodman furnace flashing red light is a steady or blinking red light, then you need to call an authorized technician.

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