Goodman furnace increase fan speed

Goodman Furnace, a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling systems, recommends that the furnace fan speed not be adjusted higher than two-thirds of the power level. Setting the speed at more than two-thirds can shorten the life of your furnace.

Following this guideline will help to prevent overloading your system and extend its lifetime by maintaining optimum airflow.

The Goodman furnace has a function that regulates the fan speed, but sometimes this does not do enough to cool the house. This can be caused by an obstruction in the air ducts limiting circulation.

Goodman furnace is not just a furnace but also a home heating system. It is one of North America’s largest and most successful manufacturers of heating and cooling products.

Most homeowners must ensure that they have an air filter installed on their system. Air filters keep homes clean and healthy by keeping outside particles like dirt, dust, pollen and other particles out of the indoor environment.

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