Goodman furnace leaking water

There are several things to look for when determining if you have a Goodman furnace leaking water. The following checklist includes some of the most common reasons water is leaking from your Goodman furnace. If any of these sound like what you are experiencing, then it is time to call in a professional:

– A faulty cap seal

– Condensation or excess humidity on the inside surfaces

– Cooling or venting problems

– High humidity levels in your home

Goodman furnaces are a major player in the HVAC industry. When they started manufacturing their furnaces, they focused on building quality products that would last.

In the past few years, Goodman’s production of water-leaking furnaces has become an issue.

Some Goodman owners have come forward with claims that their furnace prevents them from using it because of leakage problems.  As for why this is happening, there is no definitive answer yet, but Goodman has been working hard to resolve this issue with a few different fixes:

i) Some Goodman models have been recalled due to issues with leaky valves and faulty pressure relief devices.

ii) There are some users who claim that the company’s lifetime warranty program doesn’t cover replacement parts and labor if the furnace is not connected to city water which could be deemed as a defect in design or manufacture- costumers must buy a new $400 valve cover and pay for labor costs.

iii) Other customers claim that

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