Goodman furnace keeps tripping the rollout switch

The user has a goodman furnace that keeps tripping the rollout switch. The temperature and pressure switches are turned on, and the pilot light is lit.

The Goodman furnace in this case, is not the only one with the same problems. There are issues with other types of furnaces too, and it’s difficult to determine if a problem is just a furnace issue or if there’s something wrong with the house wiring.

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why a furnace may be tripping its rollout switch.

A goodman furnace that keeps tripping the rollout switch is a common problem with many possible explanations, but the most likely is that the furnace does not have enough power. This problem can be solved by installing new breakers or adding circuits in the breaker panel.

We should first check to see if there are any other breakers or circuits on the same circuit as the one which powers our circuit with the goodman furnace. If so, we can simply add more breakers and circuits to support our needs. If not, then we will need to install new breakers and/or circuits for our furnace to stop tripping its rollout switch.

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