Goodman furnace model number breakdown

The Goodman furnace model number breakdown indicates the type of furnace and the date it was made.

The Goodman furnace model number breakdown is an important indicator to help identify your unit.

A breakdown of a Goodman G841UQ2 is as follows:

G841-UQ2 – This indicates that the unit is an upflow design, has a single-stage gas valve, has a 20 SEER rating, and was manufactured in 2006

This information can be displayed from any of your manuals which should be handy for servicing or maintenance.

In the furnace industry, Goodman’s company is a major player. The company is constantly adapting to current trends and technologies to help them meet new demands.

A large part of Goodman’s success in recent years has been the development of their high-efficiency furnaces with stellar ratings. This has led to a need for more furnace sizes, which is why they offer eight different models across three distinct business segments.

Goodman furnaces are made by these manufacturers: Goodman Manufacturing, Inc., their subsidiaries and affiliated companies. There is a model number breakdown chart that helps identify the model number of your furnace. The chart can be found on the official website of Goodmans company.

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