Heil furnace condensate trap

The heil furnace condensate trap is a device that captures the condensate and prevents evaporative losses at the furnace outlet. It consists of an enclosure, a diffuser, a tube, and a back pressure control device.

The condensate trap is used to manage the air and moisture levels in the heating system.

Heil furnace traps are effective tools that help to protect these people against living a life of misery.

The heil furnace trap has many features like an automatic high-limit switch, low-limit switch, and electromagnetic valve.

Heil furnace condensate trap catches the small amount of water created when air is blown into the combustion chamber. This trap helps limit moisture build-up and reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire.

A heil furnace condensate trap can be attached to a furnace with a flue gas exit. These traps are typically made from metal or glass. They are usually installed to collect water before it could become destructive to the system by rusting, freezing, and clogging up insulation.

The temperatures at which these traps work vary depending on the heat the furnace produces, with higher temperatures requiring more moisture than lower temperatures.