Heil furnace draft inducer motor

Heil’s new motor works in all types of furnaces and air ducts. It brings significant time savings while also improving fuel efficiency.

Heil has been on the cutting edge of innovation for more than a century and has engineered countless solutions to modernize the home heating industry. Their new draft inducer motor is one such solution.

The draft inducer motor is a device that helps the furnace to start and generate a high quality of heat. It also gets rid of the need for a separate motor.

Heil furnaces can run with just this one motor, making them more energy efficient and cost-effective than furnaces that use a separate motor.

The heil furnace draft inducer motor is designed to take the temperature of heating gas and maintain a constant draft in the furnace. The HFDM Machinery can be used for various heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications.