Heil furnace error code 6

Heil Furnace Error Code 6 is a code which is usually found on all heil furnaces. It tells an owner about the problem with their furnace and what needs to be done in order to fix it.

Heil furnace error code 6 is not related to any specific issue but should always be checked prior to calling a serviceman. Heil furnaces are known for giving out this error code when there is an issue with the wiring although its occurrence may not necessarily denote any problems.

In case your heil furnace is showing a code 6, you can check the troubleshooting guide to find out the replacement parts for your specific model.

Error code 6 indicates a blown fuse in the control module. This could be caused by a loss of power or by an issue with the electronics.

The following are some areas that cause error codes:

-Power loss – The control module needs the power to function properly and will shut down if it loses power for more than 10 seconds.

-Electronics – If there is an issue with the electronics, it will shut down completely, requiring replacement of parts or repair work to be done on it

This is a text on the heil furnace error code 6.

“Heil Furnace Error Code 6: You have come to the end of your troubles.”

Although it doesn’t sound too good, this is a boiler error which means that there was a problem with the electrical system.