Heil furnace light flashes 3 times.

The Heil furnace light flashes three times because of internal circuitry problems.

When you see the Heil furnace light flashing 3 times, the machine indicates that it has detected an internal circuit problem and shuts itself off to protect itself from damage. This problem can be caused by a defective circuit board, loose wiring or a broken heating element.

If you have experienced this before with your Heil furnace, then review these fixes to try before calling a repair technician:

– Check your circuit board connections for any loose wires and re-tighten them or replace them as needed.

– Check your power strip for any loose connections and check for any tripped breakers.

– Replace your heating element if it has been hit with anything metal like a hammer or broken off in

If the furnace blinks three times after pressing the light button, it is in standby mode. To turn off standby mode, simply press the light button again.

If a furnace is flashing three times, the problem is that it needs a new thermocouple.

A heating furnace will often flash an error code to the electro-mechanical control board if there is an issue with the heating system. The three flashes typically indicate that the unit has detected that its thermostat has opened, closed and then opened again within one minute. This error code may differ depending on your furnace model, so check with your owner’s manual or other sources to get more specific information.

If you are receiving three flashes from your furnace, it usually needs to be replaced and requires a call for service from a professional technician.