Heil furnace reset button location.

The ‘heil furnace reset button is on the back top of the gas valve. It is a black switch with a white circle in the middle of it.

This location is not very visible to people unfamiliar with the furnace. However, this location still provides quick access to important features that users need to use while cleaning their homes.

For modern homes like these, it can be beneficial for the user to have quick access to these features without going through multiple screens and menus.

When a heil furnace malfunctions, one must first reset it by flipping the switch in front of the unit. The problem with this is that once it has been flipped, it gets difficult to find where exactly the button is again.

Due to this issue, heil offers a special tool that helps pinpoint the location of the reset button, making it easier for people to fix their unit.

For procedural instructions, I will reference the Heil furnace model number 1-0.

The Heil furnace reset button is located in the upper rear corner of the furnace.

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